Watch our lyrics video on Youtube

Watch our new lyrics video to the track “In The Sign Of The Valiant Warrior”

The track is part of our debut album “Of Dragons And Elves” which will be re-released by Noiseart Records in a slightly remastered version (by Christoph Brandes @Iguana Studios) on the 27th february 2015.

We hope you enjoy it so feel free to comment (on Youtube or Facebook) share and like it on FB to spread the word among your friends. Special thanks go to Philipp Hansert over at HANSERT DESIGN who worked his magic here.

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EVERTALE signing deal with NoiseArt Records

The German power metallers of EVERTALE have signed a deal with NoiseArt Records. On February 27th, 2015, their first album
under NoiseArt flag with the title “Of Dragons And Elves”. will appear.

The band was founded in 2008 only – their music is pure power metal combined with fantasy themes.
Melodic, fast and epic, always combined with catchy lyrics to take you on an audible journey to a far distant fantasy world.

“Of Dragons And Elves” is the first official album of Evertale – in the year 2008, however, a demo appeard already.
“Of Dragons And Elves” was published in December 2013 self-directed and has advanced to a first little scene breakthrough. Even though it was never released on the official way, yet it was celebrated wildly by fans and critics. Especially the bombastic, catchy choruses and the crystal-clear sound the Band presents, makes EVERTALE to become a beacon of hope to the Power Metal-Sky Newcomer.
EVERTALE are often traded as a logical sequel to acts like Blind Guardian or Gamma Ray.
The album is going to be released internationally. The group is currently working on the very next drive, which will appear end of 2015.

Live you can experience the guys on next year ´s Out & Loud Festival already!


New gig for 2014

On 15.11.2014 we step in line at 3rd Black Nose Day in Come Inn/Renchen for another band that had to cancel.  We hope to see you there – every income of this evening goes to charity, all the bands give up there fee as well!

Flyer Black Nose Day 15.11.2014

News from Matze

Hi everyone,

Matthias here – the last weeks or months we were pretty silent and maybe some of you are or were wondering what was going on. There were a few things happening, some good some bad, especially in my life and I thought I would share it here, for those who are interested

Good things first though. With pride and a big smile I can tell you that on the 31st of May, my wife gave birth to our second child. The baby-girl is called Sarah and though the start into life was a bit tough for her and my wife, she is now in really good health and things are going back to “normal” so to say Her big brother and I are so proud of our two girls, I can´t even tell you how much we fell in love with little Sarah!!!!

Secondly, we, Evertale, finally found a new drummer. The rehearsals we had went pretty well and we will very soon announce him here on our FB page. Stay tuned…

But the reason why Evertale stood still for a while is mainly because I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called “acute sarcoidosis” or Löfgren Syndrome which afflicted my lungs primarily. Secondly this rather unknown disease comes with a high fever, Polyarthritis, rheumatism and overall exhaustion and fatigue I had never before experienced in my life.
I got pretty sick at the end of April, shortly after our interview at Metal-Only and had to stay in hospital for a while. That combined with a heavily pregnant wife and a 2 ½ year old son at home, you can estimate the chaos we went into as a family and making music, posting on FB, or rehearsing became rather unimportant for me.

Currently I am slowly recovering now and am back on track so to say but I am still spending most of my time with my children and my wife.

Well that was it – as stated above, if you wondered why we were more silent these last few weeks, here´s your explanation. We were not being lazy or anything, it was just the real life that hit me


Matthias and Evertale

record deal with Spiritual Beast

Ladies and gentlemen,


today we have some big news for you, since Evertale has reached another milestone in its bandhistory.

We are proud to announce that we signed a record deal with the Japanese label Spiritual Beast. SB will release “Of Dragons and Elves” on the 21st of May in Japan. It will also be available in China, Hongkong and Taiwan.

Spiritual Beast is the japanese home of bands like Running Wild, Orden Ogan, Steelwing and many more and we are very excited, to have joined forces with such a well established company and are grateful for this fantastic opportunity to bring EVERTALE to our fans in Asia.