The Great Brotherwar

The Great Brotherwar CoverTitle: “The Great Brotherwar”

Release: 2017, October 27th (NoiseArt Records)

Duration: 54 minutes + bonus tracks

Artwork: Andreas Marschall



01. Battle for Mankind
02. Empire Rising
03. The Swarm
04. The Joining (instrumental)
05. For the King and the Crown
06. Oceans of Sand (instrumental)
07. The Journey to Iskendria
08. Chapter 666 (we are the hammer)
09. March of the Nord (instrumental)
10. And the Dragons Return
11. All Hail the Crimson King
12. The Great Brotherwar


13. Saber Rider – cover version of title track (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)
14. Under Black Flag we march – Arch Enemy cover (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)

13. Take to the Sky – Van Canto cover (rest of the world)