Matthias Graf

matthias_graf_vocals_guitarInstrument: Vocals, Rhythm & Leadguitars

Favorite Albums:

1. Blind Guardian – Imaginations from the other side/Nightfall in M.E.
2. Machine Head – The Blackening
3. Iron Savior – Battering Ram
4. Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor
5. Savage Circus – Dreamland Manor

Favorite Songs:

1. Time stands still (at the iron hill) – Blind Guardian
2. Halo – Machine Head
3. Masquerade – Running Wild
4. New Shores of Sadness – Orden Ogan
5. Tomorrowland – Savage Circus


ESP FX Standard in Snowwhite, EMG 60/81 Pickups
Edwards EX-125 in cloudy black, Seymour Duncan Blacout Pickups
ENGL Powerball and Cabinet
TC Electronics G-Major FX
Dean Markley Strings 11-52
Dunlop Tortex Sharp 1.0mm
Shure Microfones