Interview March 2014

Evertale burst onto the international scene in late 2013 with an incredibly well-recieved independent debut album, OF DRAGONS AND ELVES. It ranked highly on a number of Metal webzines year-end lists including #6 on my own Top 20 list here at  I contacted this powerful act to learn more.

Tell us briefly about how Evertale evolved from the band Blackened?

Blackened was originally a Metallica Coverband but we never really managed to get rid of the name when we were already writing our own songs. The BG Open Air in 2003 marks the biggest success of this band, but afterwards nothing really happened and the band fell apart. I knew already back then that Blackened had no future and the songs I was writing at that time needed a new label so to say. So I sat down with J.Schumacher(Drums) and David Baumann (Bass) and showed them my ideas for a new band name. To my surprise they liked the name Evertale the most although I favorited another one and so we changed the name.

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