New drummer announced: Simon Hofmeister

Hey Metal-community! Those of you who payed closed attention, will surely have realized this: Since a few months there´s a new guy behind the drums. We are happy to finally announce, that the extremely well-versed SIMON HOFMEISTER has joined our ranks. He follows on the not in the slightest lesser gifted Wombo, who had to leave the band already due to schedule and time-issues with his other activities and Evertale – but he remains a good friend of us and the band.
Simon has the necessary punch, the fire in his heart and the character, to endure us old Dragonriders and help us reach the next levels of our career.
Come and see for yourselves when we play live the next time!

Cheers, Evertale


Ankündigung Simon Hofmeister

Evertale to play 70.000 tons of metal

Dear ladies and gentleman,

we are very proud to announce that we will be part of the 70.000 tons of metal cruise and will play two sets on this sweet event.
Take your chance and see Evertale perform two shows in a few days and as an addition in such a special atmosphere..

We’re looking forward to see all of you.


Ankündigung Evertale 70k



Release day for “The Great Brotherwar” today

So, today finally is the day! Our new album “The Great Brotherwar” is available. Filled with pride we present to you pounding 60 Minutes of Epic Power Metal. We can hardly wait to hear and read your reactions to our new record.
So head out you legions, storm the record-stores, lay siege to Amazon and Itunes and fight the Brotherwar with us.”

Order it here:

Or in our shop

Lyricsvideo “Chapter 666″


Are you ready for a new song? So here it is. “With our second single “Chapter 666 (We are the hammer)”, we take you once again to the Warhammer 40k Universe. This time, we join the ranks of the Demon Hunters of the immortal Emperor of Mankind – the Grey Knights of the Space Marine Chapter 666.

The song is available for download at Itunes or amazon for example:…/…/ref=sr_1_1…

And if you haven´t done so yet, pls preorder the album following this link. Your favorite places to order music should be there:

Hard MediaNoiseArt Records

On tour with Korpiklaani 2018

We’re glad to announce that we will support Korpiklaani on their spring tour in 2018. Together with our labelmates The Privateer we will join them for some weekend-shows. Black MessiahArkonaHeidevolkand Trollfest are on the billing as well.

Check out the dates for Evertale and get your tickets:
16.2. – Hamburg
17.2. – Oberhausen
2.3. – München
3.3. – Stuttgart
4.3. – Pratteln
9.3. – Leipzig
10.3. – Geiselwind

Banner Korpiklaani Tour

Revelation of cover artwork and tracklist

Today we can finally present the cover and tracklist of our new album “The Great Brotherwar” to you, which will be out on October 27th through NoiseArt Records

The Great Brotherwar Cover

01 – Battle for Mankind (Intro)
02 – Empire Rising
03 – The Swarm
04 – The Joining (Instrumental)
05 – For the King and the Crown (feat. Clara Freibeuterin of The Privateer
06 – Oceans of Sand (Instrumental)
07 – The Journey to Iskendria
08 – Chapter 666 (We are the Hammer)
09 – March of the Nord (Instrumental)
10 – And the Dragons return
11 – All hail the Crimson King
12 – The Great Brotherwar
13 – Take to the Sky (Van Canto-Cover)

The cover was done by no one less than Andreas Marschall. Andreas is a living legend for us, since he designed many, many covers and artworks of our musical heroes. We feel very honoured and are very proud, that we were able to work with him as well.

To shorten the time and your waiting for the release, we are also able to announce today, that there will be two digital singles available.

The first one will be the opening track “Empire Rising” and will be released on September, 15th. The second song and appetizer for “The Great Brotherwar” will be released on October, 13th and is called “Chapter 666 (We are the hammer).

As usual we appreciate your support and encourage you to share this post on your wall and/or with your friends to spread the word.