Revelation of cover artwork and tracklist

Today we can finally present the cover and tracklist of our new album “The Great Brotherwar” to you, which will be out on October 27th through NoiseArt Records

The Great Brotherwar Cover

01 – Battle for Mankind (Intro)
02 – Empire Rising
03 – The Swarm
04 – The Joining (Instrumental)
05 – For the King and the Crown (feat. Clara Freibeuterin of The Privateer
06 – Oceans of Sand (Instrumental)
07 – The Journey to Iskendria
08 – Chapter 666 (We are the Hammer)
09 – March of the Nord (Instrumental)
10 – And the Dragons return
11 – All hail the Crimson King
12 – The Great Brotherwar
13 – Take to the Sky (Van Canto-Cover)

The cover was done by no one less than Andreas Marschall. Andreas is a living legend for us, since he designed many, many covers and artworks of our musical heroes. We feel very honoured and are very proud, that we were able to work with him as well.

To shorten the time and your waiting for the release, we are also able to announce today, that there will be two digital singles available.

The first one will be the opening track “Empire Rising” and will be released on September, 15th. The second song and appetizer for “The Great Brotherwar” will be released on October, 13th and is called “Chapter 666 (We are the hammer).

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